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The appointment of two new Crown attorneys has been announced by
the director of the Public Prosecution Service, Jerry Pitzul.

Mr. Pitzul said Ann Marie Simmons and Frank Hoskins will both
work in the Dartmouth office of the service.

Ms. Simmons, a native of Halifax graduated from Dalhousie
University and Dalhousie Law School. She was called to the
Ontario bar in 1986. After practising criminal law from 1986-95
in Ontario she returned to Nova Scotia where she was called to
the bar in 1995. Since March, 1996 she has worked for the Public
Prosecution Service on a casual basis. Her appointment became
effective June 17.

Mr. Hoskins is also a Halifax native. He attended Saint Mary's
University and Dalhousie Law School. He was called to the bar in
1990. After several months in private practice he joined the
Public Prosecution Service in 1991 and remained there until June,
1995, when he returned to private practice. Mr. Hoskins begins
his new position July 2.

Mr. Pitzul said the combined experience of Ms. Simmons and Mr.
Hoskins will be an asset for the service. "A strong Public
Prosecution Service depends on people well-versed in all aspects
of the law. With the hiring of these Crown attorneys the service
continues to be strengthened."

Ms. Simmons and Mr. Hoskins were chosen following a competition.


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