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The Nova Scotia Museum of Industry in Stellarton will remain
open, thanks to a provincial government decision to directly
operate the facility as part of the Nova Scotia Museum.

Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern announced today
the Nova Scotia Museum will begin operating the Stellarton
facility as of Friday, June 21.

In 1993, a group of business people formed the Friends of the
Museum of Industry to manage and operate the facility. At that
time, they put forward a business plan and signed an agreement
with the province to provide the museum with a set operating
grant for the next four years. The province met its commitment
and worked with the group to secure additional federal/provincial
infrastructure grants for the museum over the last two years.

"The Friends submitted a business plan and worked very hard to
achieve their objectives," said Mr. MacEachern. "However, the
plan included private sector funding which did not materialize."

The Nova Scotia Museum will immediately begin work on a marketing
plan and other initiatives to contribute to the museum's
long-term success and presence in the community.

Debra McNabb, the former curator of collections at the Museum of
Industry, has been appointed acting director and will oversee the
day-to-day operations of the museum. Staff hired to maintain and
operate the museum will continue with their duties. The province
has also agreed to pay outstanding accounts with businesses who
have provided goods and services to the museum.

"The Friends wanted to keep the Museum of Industry open for the
community and to preserve an important part of the province's
history," said Mr. MacEachern. "Our objectives are the same, and
we will continue to make the museum a popular destination for
more tourists and Nova Scotians alike."


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