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Nova Scotia is optimistic a new federal-provincial infrastructure
program could be used to further the province's export potential
said Premier John Savage today.

Premier Savage said, "Finance ministers have been asked to look
at a new infrastructure program that would be more flexible than
the last one. A new program might include highways, airports and
ports. These are vital to improving Nova Scotia's ability to

The premier said funding of the program would hopefully be
flexible enough to include the private sector. 

"In many cases our municipalities do not have the ability to
finance and share in new infrastructure programs. Under a new
program, the private sector might be invited to participate in
projects such as port expansion."

Premier Savage also said most first ministers accepted the idea 
of another Team Canada mission to Asia at their meeting in

"This is an area with great potential for Nova Scotia companies.
We have asked the federal government that in the event of another
trade mission, provincial governments be given more
responsibility for selecting companies that take part."

Premier Savage said the first ministers also agreed that
ministers responsible for tourism will work together to find ways
of improving tourism infrastructure. He said the prime minister
told the premiers that the Federal Business Development Bank will
be instructed to make it easier to invest in tourism related

"This would be of great benefit to Nova Scotia tourism operators
who are working hard to capitalize on the ever-growing world
tourism market. The prime minister also suggested help should be
extended to eco-tourism and off-season ventures."

Premier Savage said he was also pleased with the first ministers
decision to give a higher priority to dealing with unacceptably
high youth unemployment.


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jlw                         June 21, 1996     5:40 p.m.