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Premier John Savage today welcomed the federal government's
decision to call for proposals from parties interested in taking
over the operation of ferry services in Digby and Yarmouth.

Premier Savage said, "The Nova Scotia government has supported
the concept of private sector involvement when it became evident
that Ottawa support for both the Yarmouth to Bar Harbour and
Digby to Saint John ferry runs was being withdrawn."

Premier Savage said the continuation of ferry service is vital to
the economy of Southwestern Nova Scotia.

"The federal Minister of Transportation, David Anderson is to be
commended for the way in which he has responded to the concerns
of the Nova Scotia government, our MLAs, MPs and the local
community. He has been very positive in his support for
maintaining these important links with the U.S. and New

Premier Savage said the federal government will give extra credit
for private sector proposals that provide for year-round service
and the hiring of local crews.

"We are confident that given the creative nature of private
enterprise, winter ferry service between Yarmouth and Bar Harbour
can turn a profit. The Nova Scotia government is prepared to work
with the federal government and the private sector to make sure
this happens."

The premier said the federal government intends to continue ferry
subsidies for the next three years. It also intends to accept
employee takeover proposals.

"I think this indicates the flexible nature of the Ottawa
proposal and its interest in ensuring the long-term survival of
very important export links between Nova Scotia and the U.S."


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jlw                       June 25, 1996 - 4:45 p.m.