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Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse said he welcomes the
announcement by federal Fisheries and Oceans to open a
recreational groundfish fisheries in the Maritimes and Quebec.

Sportfishing enthusiasts are able to fish from June 21 to Sept.
16 in the Northumberland Strait and in the southern Gulf of Saint
Lawrence, west of Cape Breton Island. The season is also open on
the Scotian Shelf east of Cape Breton along the eastern shore to

The southwest portion of the province, which is not subject to a
groundfish moratorium and was open last year, is reopened for
recreational groundfishing.

Mr. Barkhouse said recreational fishers should remember that the
daily bag limit in all areas is 10 groundfish of all species and
only one fish can be halibut.

"The opening of a recreational groundfishery to the eastern
portion of the province is good news for our coastal communities
especially as they gear up for the tourist season," the minister

Mr. Barkhouse said that eco-tourism is growing in coastal
regions. "Coastal communities have a lot to offer tourists and
are aggressively developing their appeal as a tourism
destination," he said.

Sea excursions for whale and bird watching, diving, sportfishing
and sightseeing can be an easy economic extension for communities
with strong ties to the fishing industry.

"Some fishing seasons are closed during the summer and
eco-tourism offers fish harvesters alternative activities during
the off-season. The bottom line is that diversification means
more jobs and a better economy for Nova Scotians," Mr. Barkhouse

The minister said that freshwater sportfishing generates some $82
million a year and that the overall value of sportfishing can
grow by diversifying into the marine area. Economic spin-offs
associated with sportfishing and tourism-related activities, such
as purchase of fishing gear and equipment, and accommodations and
meals, boost the economic value substantially, he said.

Mr. Barkhouse said he fully supports federal Fisheries and
Oceans' claim that a recreational fishery for groundfish can
occur without negative effects on stock conservation.

"Conservation continues to be our number one concern and
harvesting decisions must be made in consideration of potential
impacts on stock survival. In this case, seasons and strict bag
limits for recreational fishing will ensure that groundfish
stocks are protected," he said.


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