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Justice Minister Bill Gillis today announced that Atlantic
Corrections Group (ACG) has been chosen as the preferred supplier
to work with the Department of Justice in defining, developing
implementing a plan for adult correctional facilities.

Atlantic Corrections Group is a joint venture company equally
by SNC Lavalin Inc. of Montreal, Bracknell Corporation of
and Management and Training Corporation of Utah. SNC Lavalin and
Bracknell are engineering and construction companies while MTC
expertise in privately operated correctional facilities. A number
of additional companies are participating as well, including:
Gillies, Stanksy Brems Smith Architects; Fowler, Bauld &
Medcan Health Management Inc; RBC Dominion Securities Inc.; and
Bristol Communications.

The department will now begin negotiations with ACG to set the
terms of reference and the scope of each stage of the project.
project will be completed in several stages. First, a detailed
study will be conducted. Working with the province, ACG will then
help to design a new plan for adult correctional facilities. The
plan will outline the number of institutions, style and
appropriate security levels and core programs for inmates.

The department will then work on implementation. Whether
correctional facilities will be operated publicly or privately
be decided as the process proceeds, and only after the
configuration plan has been developed. The extent of involvement
ACG in the actual physical design, construction and financing of
the facilities will also be decided as the process proceeds.

The plan that will be developed must fit the principle objectives
of the project, which are: to provide a safe and secure
for offenders; safety and security for the public; and a safe and
healthy working environment for staff; to provide the appropriate
type and number of beds in the right locations; to provide
rehabilitative programs that should complement those currently in
existence; and to meet government's expenditure control targets.

"We will conduct extensive consultations with stakeholders as we
develop the plan for adult correctional facilities," said Dr.
Gillis. "I want to reiterate that we have not made any decisions
regarding privatization. We will do so after very careful
of our needs, so that we may find a solution that is in the best
interests of the taxpayers, and updates and improves our present

There are currently nine adult correctional facilities operated
the province, with an annual operating budget of $17.8 million.


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