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Premier John Savage today unveiled his new cabinet stressing
jobs, growth in the economy and continued emphasis on providing
all Nova Scotians with a well run, quality health care system.

A total of 10 cabinet ministers changed portfolios, four remained
in their existing cabinet positions, and two new ministers were

Finance Minister Bernie Boudreau has been appointed the new
Minister of Health. He replaces Dr. Ron Stewart who resigned from
cabinet but continues to sit as the MLA for Cape Breton North.

"As a key member of cabinet, Bernie has a solid track record of
producing results. Key elements of health reform are now in
place. Mr. Boudreau's main role will be to ensure that health
care in Nova Scotia is well managed," the premier said.

"A lot of unfair things have been said about Nova Scotia's health
care system. The system has changed, but its changed for the
better. We now have more than 16,000 Nova Scotians participating
in home care, we have modernized emergency health care in the
province, and we are letting communities decide how health
dollars will be spent in their areas."

Premier Savage said job creation is a major priority of the new

"While there are currently 21,000 more Nova Scotians working now
than when we took office in 1993, there still remain high pockets
of unemployment. The government is particularly concerned about
youth unemployment in the province," he said.

To spearhead Nova Scotia's job push, the Premier has appointed
former Transportation and Public Works Minister, Richie Mann, to
head up the Economic Renewal Agency.

"Richie demonstrated vision and first rate administrative skills
in running a very large and complex department. The same can be
expected as he turns his focus to job creation and building the
economy," Premier Savage said.

In another key move, Justice Minister William Gillis takes over
the Finance portfolio and continues to serve as Deputy Premier.

Dr. Gillis has considerable experience in a number of major
portfolios and is a former finance critic.

"I'm extremely pleased that a person with Bill's experience and
dedication is taking on the difficult job of Finance Minister.
I'm confident he'll keep Nova Scotia on the course of fiscal
stability set by his predecessor."

Robbie Harrison, currently Minister of the Economic Renewal
Agency, is the new Minister of Education. Mr. Harrison spent 22
years as a teacher and school administrator in the Annapolis
Valley area.

Human Resources Minister Jay Abbass is the new Minister of
Justice and Attorney General. Mr. Abbass is a 1982 graduate of
the Dalhousie University Law School.

Business and Consumer Services Minister Don Downe is moving to
the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

John MacEachern, currently the Education Minister, is the new
Minister of Community Services. Mr. MacEachern will also be
responsible for overseeing labour market training as those
programs are transferred from the federal government to the

Labour Minister Guy Brown brings his extensive knowledge of rural
issues to his new portfolio as Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Brown
will also be a special advisor to the government on all issues
affecting rural Nova Scotia.

Sandy Jolly moves from Municipal Affairs to the relatively new
Department of Business and Consumer Services. Ms. Jolly is a
former Dartmouth businessperson.

Community Services Minister, Dr. Jim Smith is the new Minister of
Housing and Municipal Affairs.

Among the ministers retaining their existing portfolios are
Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse, Environment Minister Wayne
Adams, Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie, and Technology
and Science Minister Gerald O'Malley.

Manning MacDonald, a former mayor of Sydney and the MLA for Cape
Breton South is one of two new faces in cabinet. He will be the
new Minister of Labour. Allister Surette, the MLA for Argyle,
enters cabinet as Minister of Human Resources.

Premier Savage also announced that he will nominate former
Agriculture Minister Wayne Gaudet, as Speaker of the Legislature
when the House of Assembly resumes sitting this fall. Mr. Gaudet,
the MLA for Clare, would be the first Nova Scotia-born Acadian
Speaker of the Legislature.


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The Honourable John P. Savage
President of the Executive Council
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs

The Honourable J. William Gillis
Deputy Premier
Deputy President of the Executive Council
Minister of Finance
Minister Responsible for the Gaming Corporation

The Honourable J. Bernard Boudreau, Q.C.
Minister of Health
The Honourable John MacEachern
Minister of Community Services
Chairman of the Senior Citizens Secretariat
Minister Responsible for the Disabled Persons Commission Act

The Honourable James A. Smith, M.D.
Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs

The Honourable Richard W. Mann
Minister Responsible for the Economic Renewal Agency
Minister Responsible for the Voluntary Planning Act

The Honorable Sandra L. Jolly
Minister of Business and Consumer Services
Minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Gaming Control
Minister Responsible for the Liquor Control Act
Minister Responsible for the Boxing Authority

The Honourable Don Downe
Minister of Transportation and Public Works

The Honourable Wayne Adams
Minister of the Environment
Minister Responsible for Emergency Measures

The Honourable Robert S. Harrison
Minister of Education and Culture

The Honourable Eleanor Norrie
Minister of Natural Resources
Minister Responsible for the Advisory Council on the Status of
Minister Responsible for the Women's Directorate

The Honourable Guy Brown
Minister of Agriculture and Marketing

The Honourable James A. Barkhouse
Minister of Fisheries

The Honourable Jay F. Abbass
Attorney General and Minister of Justice
Minister Responsible for the Human Rights Act
Minister Responsible for Sport and Recreation

The Honourable Gerald J. O'Malley
Minister Responsible for Technology and Science

The Honourable Manning MacDonald
Minister of Labour
Minister Responsible for the Sydney Steel Corporation
Minister Responsible for the Workers' Compensation Act

The Honourable Allister Surette
Minister of Human Resources
Minister Responsible for the Youth Secretariat

(Halifax, NS. Thursday, June 27, 1996)


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