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The arrival of the Bluenose II in Boston this week increases the
spotlight on Nova Scotia's trade initiatives with New England.

The vessel's visit is part of a trade strategy aimed at
increasing exports from and investment in the province, and
follows the recent arrival of Gary MacPherson, director of the
provincial government's office in the U.S.

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann said Mr. MacPherson will
have a proactive Nova Scotia presence in Boston, building on
traditional trade and tourism links.

"Long standing trade, social and transportation links make the
Nova Scotia-New England connection a logical business goal," said
Mr. Mann. "We have good reason to feel optimistic about the New
England marketplace. We're talking about investment opportunities
with key players in the biomedical and information technology
sectors, plus it's a huge market for Nova Scotia exporters and
it's ideal for our tourism promotion efforts," he said.

Mr. MacPherson said, "My job is to convince the people who live
in the New England states that we can work together for our
mutual benefit. Even though we are a different country, we are
one large market.

"New England has always  been our biggest trading partner and we
see our Boston presence as another opportunity to create
strategic partnerships for everyone's benefit," he said.

The office was originally set up at the request of Nova Scotia
businesses seeking trade or investment partners. From his Boston
office, Gary MacPherson can act as broker on behalf of
businesses, and help identify  growth opportunities. The office
is also available as a temporary headquarters for Nova Scotians
conducting business in the area.

Mr. MacPherson most recently worked as a consultant in West Palm
Beach, Florida; owned a marketing consulting firm in Halifax; and
worked in senior sales and marketing positions in Atlantic Canada
with firms such as Imperial Oil Ltd., Labatt Breweries Ltd.,
Atlantic Association of Broadcasters and Air Atlantic Ltd. He and
his wife Marilyn are natives of New Glasgow. 

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