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Following are remarks by Premier John Savage at today's Economic
Diversification Agreement announcement at Province House:

In Nova Scotia today we have one major priority--one
single-minded agenda.

That priority--and that agenda--is jobs. Jobs that will enhance
community economic development right across this province, from
Cape North to Cape Sable.

We want to develop an economy that provides meaningful employment
for our people -and particularly our young people who deserve the
chance to live and work at home.   What we want is not short term
work, but sustainable work that will strengthen our communities
and take us into the global environment of the 21st century.

The Nova Scotia government is working in partnership with our
private sector to create a diversified  economy that addresses
these challenges -and I give full credit to the entrepreneurial
spirit of Nova Scotians, not only in our business sector, but in
our research and university sector as well, for generating the
kind of dynamic new economy that is gathering momentum in this

But there is no question that--at this stage in our economic
development--federal dollars are still very important in helping
us to build prosperity and to overcome our stigma as a "have not"
province. That's why I as premier, together with my fellow
premiers in the Atlantic region, have consistently supported a
strong central government for Canada.

Today's announcement adds $188 million dollars to the $52 million
already in the previous EDA agreement. That's a total of $240
million available for promoting economic development in this

We welcome this investment in our province. We will use it wisely
to help build a brighter future for ourselves and for our

Let there be no doubt--Nova Scotia has all the ingredients for
success. We have the educated workforce, the world class
universities and job training facilities, the prime geographic
location for global trade, the transport links that make us a
gateway to NAFTA second to none--that's a big drawing card
particularly for European investors.

We have all these natural assets--but capital sure helps us to
make use of them, and this is a large amount of capital. 

This government has made it very clear that it is not government
--but the private sector--that will generate the activity and the
jobs that will take us into the 21st century. But government has
an important role to play in creating an environment that
encourages growth.

We are challenged--as a government--not only to adapt to change,
but to lead change.

That's another reason why I consider this agreement to be of
particular significance to Nova Scotia. Not only have the federal
and provincial governments earmarked a significant amount of
capital to help develop the economic successes of the future. We
have mutually identified the strengths on which to build that
success. We have developed a common strategy. 

As a proud and determined people, with rich talents and resources
upon which to build, we Nova Scotians are anxious to move beyond
the dependence on federal dollars that has prevailed in recent
years.  But first we need to consolidate our natural strengths so
that we can be competitive. This agreement helps us to do that.
It is a partnership with our federal colleagues which helps us to
reach our full potential as Nova Scotians. It is an investment in
our future.

A province that offers tremendous advantages to investors as a
competitive gateway to North America, a province that is an
international centre for education and research, a province that
builds growth through increased foreign export and trade, a
province that is committed to developing its internationally
renown strength in technologies based on the ocean and the
environment, a province that celebrates its unique culture and
heritage...  This agreement is based on that vision.

The common strategy which we have developed with our federal
partners will enhance our capacity to develop new products, new
markets, and to increase our foreign exports.  This is a personal
priority for me as premier. It is the reason I have become
involved in leading trade missions to selected regions of the
world. It is Nova Scotia's best hope for economic growth -and we
are already seeing the results, with a 15% growth in foreign
exports in the past year alone.

I am also pleased with the focus on marketing our strength in
education and research, and the export potential of our
universities. In the past couple of months alone we have seen the
expansion of a local pharmaceutical company--Efamol in Wolfville;
the marketing of Dalhousie's physiotherapy training in Kuwait,
the development of a new advanced business program at Saint
Mary's. Clearly by investing federal dollars in these trends, we
are making an investment in excellence.

I also would like to publicly applaud the fact that this
agreement will inject much needed capital investment in the
economies of communities across the province. As a province of
small towns and rural communities, nothing could be more
important. We are committed to strategies--such as this one
--which will help to diversify the economies of our smaller
communities, because they are the areas that need capital the
most. They are the heart and soul of Nova Scotia.

And so, let me just say in closing that I am very pleased to be
here today, I am pleased to be participating in this agreement.
Mr. Dingwall, Mr. MacAulay ---Nova Scotians will make good use of
this capital, I can assure you of that. We will use this money to
build our strengths, to revitalize the economies of our
communities, to create sustainable jobs and to recover our
traditional economic leadership in this region!


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