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Nova Scotians are working hard in Boston this week to convince
New Englanders that Portland, Maine, is not the northern most
city in North America.

The big push is on from the Nova Scotia government and the
Greater Halifax Partnership to promote Nova Scotia goods and
services and attract investment to the province.

One thing that Maritimers and New Englanders agree on, is that
using Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador, Bluenose II, is a good
way to market Nova Scotia and uncover unique business

Frank Costello is a Boston management consultant who sailed on
the Bluenose yesterday. He previously met Premier John Savage in
Northern Ireland last May. From that trip, Mr. Costello is
bringing three Northern Ireland companies to Halifax next week
for Softworld  96 and will be leading a six company trade mission
from Northern Ireland to Nova Scotia in mid-October.  

"We're developing an Atlantic Rim triangle from Boston to Halifax
to Belfast", Mr. Costello said.

"We all have to work at convincing Americans that business does
not end in Portland Maine, that Halifax and Belfast can act as
gateways to the European Community. Using the Bluenose is a nice's a great way to talk business in a low-key manner,"
he said.

"Nova Scotia is doing things exactly right," said George Tupper
of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who also sailed on the
Bluenose yesterday. "You can't nail down things like hospitality,
but sooner or later, goodwill gives you returns in a way you
can't quantify."

The trip is even making some news locally. In the Boston Globe
this week, Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann was promoting
Nova Scotia. "We're trying to re-establish our historic ties with
New England and be more aggressive," he said.   

The interview is part of a publicity initiative which also
included an Economic Renewal Agency ad in the Boston Globe,
announcing the appointment of Gary MacPherson as the director of
the Office of Nova Scotia in New England. Nova Scotia got double
exposure from the Greater Halifax Partnership ad on the same page
with the headline, "Today north-south trading patterns are back."

"Success will not come overnight," said Gary MacPherson. "This
week has been a great kick-off to a series of initiatives that
we'll be working on in the New England market over the next six
months."  Mr. MacPherson intends to focus on information
technology and health services to bring new business back in Nova


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