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Premier John Savage today presented commemorative plaques to Nova
Scotian businesses, unions and individuals for their contribution
to creating a lifelong learning culture during International
Literacy Day celebrations at the Dartmouth Regional Library.

Education and Culture Minister Robert Harrison, Mary Clancy, MP
representing Government Senate Leader Joyce Fairbairn and
minister with special responsibility for Literacy; and Geoff
Regan, MP on behalf of Secretary of State Lawrence MacAulay also
participated.  The event recognized the contributions of Nova
Scotians involved in Workplace Education and the promotion of

Workplace education in Nova Scotia provides employees with the
opportunity to upgrade their skills through on-site literacy
programs.  Currently, there are 43 work sites in Nova Scotia with
more than 400 participants province-wide.

"These programs are an example of this government's commitment to
adult education and foundational skills upgrading for all Nova
Scotians," said Premier Savage.  "By providing each employee with
the opportunity to reach their full potential, we are creating a
more dynamic and efficient workforce."

Union representatives and individual learners were also
recognized for their contribution to creating a learning culture
in Nova Scotia. 

Mr. Harrison said the success of Workplace Education is the
result of partnerships among business, industry, labour and
government.  "The strength and determination of employers,
employees and unions involved in Workplace Education build the
foundation for learning in Nova Scotia," said Mr. Harrison.  "By
providing excellence in education and training, the creation of a
learning culture builds a productive and prosperous Nova Scotia."

International Literacy Day is declared by the United Nations and
is celebrated Sept.6.


Veronica Sherwood, 424-4901
Donna MacDonald, 424-2615

Note to Editors:
The following is the list of award recipients:

Workplace Appreciation Awards

ACA Co-Operative Ltd.
Basic Upgrading
New Minas

Halifax Shipyard Limited
Basic Upgrading, Work-Specific Math, Communication Skills

Intertape Polymer Inc.
English as a Second Language, GED Preparation

Michelin Tire Canada Ltd.
Learning Centres
Granton, Bridgewater and Waterville

Northside Harbour View Hospital Corporation
GED Preparation
North Sydney

QEII Health Sciences Centre
English as a Second Language, Basic Upgrading and GED Preparation

Scotia Nursing Homes Ltd.
Level II and Level III Academic Upgrading
Beaver Bank

Seaview Manor Corporation
Charting: Documentation and Communication
Glace Bay

Video Appreciation Awards

Avon Foods Inc.
Basic Upgrading and GED Preparation

Halifax Regional Water Commission
Basic Upgrading and GED Preparation

The Prince George Hotel
Business Writing and Communication Skills, GED Preparation

Russel Metals Inc.
Basic Upgrading and GED Preparation

Town of Truro
Basic Upgrading and GED Preparation 

Twin Oaks Senior Citizens Association
Musquodoboit Harbour

Union Appreciation Awards

Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers Union
Avon Foods Local

Canadian Auto Workers Union

Canadian Union of Public Employees

Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of Canada
Local 1, Halifax Shipyard Limited

Nova Scotia Nurses Union

Ambassador Awards

Danny Cavanaugh
Town of Truro

Raymond Higgins
Town of Truro

Shelley Muchayi
The Prince George Hotel

Carol Wall
Breton Bay Nursing Home

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
GED Scholarship in Science and Engineering
David Duffy

cb      4:40 p.m.     Sept. 6, 1996