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Public Health nurses are once again asking children to roll up
their sleeve to receive their immunization vaccine this school

The Department of Health's Hepatitis B Immunization Program
launched in September, 1995 for Grade 4 students is continuing
this year. Also, as part of the publicly-funded Nova Scotia
immunization program, children between the ages of four and six
years of age who entered grade primary this month received a
second dose of the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine at the
same time as their pre-school booster. The students entering
grade primary this year are the very first group to receive the
second dose of the MMR vaccine.

"Implementing the provinces' immunization program is one of
public health's key roles," says Dr. Jeff Scott, Provincial
Medical Officer of Health. "The immunization program is
consistent throughout the four health regions and is a good
example of a preventive health care initiative."

The new Hepatitis B Immunization Program for grade four students
received a tremendous response in its first year. More than 95
per cent of grade four students, or more than 12,000 children,
received the Hepatitis B vaccine. Public Health nurses administer
the vaccine in three doses during the school year.

Hepatitis B is one of the leading causes of liver disease. It is
a virus that can cause liver damage such as cirrhosis and liver

The second dose of the MMR vaccine ensures that children aged
four to six years have a less than one per cent chance of
contracting measles and provides extra protection against rubella
and the mumps.

Public Health nurses administer the Hepatitis B vaccine for grade
four students and physicians and Public Health nurses administer
the second dose of the MMR vaccine for children aged four to six
years free of charge.

Immunization programs for school children are being implemented
by the Department of Health in cooperation with the Department of
Education and Culture, school boards, principals and teachers.


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