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Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse today reminded anglers to
practice conservation and abide by the catch and release
regulation for speckled brook trout during September.

"This marks the third year for the 'hook and release' regulation.
It is a conservation measure to protect brook trout prior to
spawning," said Mr. Barkhouse.

The minister noted that in the fall brook trout tend to gather
near the mouths of streams, where they may be vulnerable to
angling. "We want to be sure these trout stocks survive to
spawn," said the minister.

Anglers can keep a maximum of five rainbow and brown trout of any
one species or any combination of these species. The fishing
season ends Sept. 30 for most species.

Mr. Barkhouse stressed the importance of conservation and
commended interest groups and individual anglers in the province
for their collaboration with the department's ongoing efforts to
protect fish stocks.

"Trout stocks have been declining, and the department is working
closely with angling and wildlife groups to address this
situation," said the minister. He added that catch and release
and a reduced bag limit are important steps in reversing this

Mr. Barkhouse urged anglers to continue assisting the department
with its work and return their fishing license stubs at the end
of the season. "These returns provide valuable information to our
biologists and serve an important role in fishery management," he


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