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The chair of Team South West says the provincial government has
shown its confidence in the future of the Annapolis - Digby area
with concrete action to improve the economy.

"Government has shown its confidence in the future of the region.
Now, all of us have a responsibility to instill a sense of
confidence and accomplishment in the community," Human Resources
Minister Allister Surette told a crowd of business and labour
leaders in Digby.

Team South West has begun a series of meetings with local
leaders. A similar community consultation and report in Yarmouth
on Sept. 30, will follow the sessions in Digby. "The answers to
the economic questions facing Annapolis and Digby will not be
found in the high-rises of Halifax," Mr. Surette said. "They are
waiting to be discovered in the small businesses, on the wharves
and in the minds of the people who live here and know what will
really work."

The minister presented an update on government actions to improve
the economy of the region since Premier Savage established the
special cabinet committee in February. Since its creation, Team
South West has worked to persuade Marine Atlantic to examine ways
to ensure that the vital ferry links to Saint John and Bar
Harbour continue. The company is now examining alternatives such
as private operation of the vessels. "The permanent solution is
not yet in hand, but at least it is now within sight," said Mr.

Other provincial government measures to improve the local economy
include nearly $1 million for the forestry industry, negotiating
approximately half a million dollars in compensation to local
farmers effected by the elimination of the federal Feed Freight
Assistance Program, and working with the fishing industry to
ensure they have a stronger voice in any changes in the scallop

The minister also said the government is working with local ship
building firms to sell boats to foreign markets. The small
business sector of Annapolis and Digby has been the recipient of
government assistance. This year, the Community Business Loan
program of the Economic Renewal Agency has created 49 new jobs,
maintained another 31 jobs and helped establish nine new
businesses in the two counties, he said.

The full day of consultations included meetings with municipal,
labour and business leaders and officials of local economic
development agencies. The ministers also met with workers and
owners of some local business success stories including: Comeau
Seafoods, Meteghan; Britex, Centreville, Annapolis County; Lewis
Sawmill, Weymouth; Darmos Toy Manufacturing, Cornwallis Park;
Venture Centre, Digby; Interplay, Bridgetown Development Centre;
Solar Aquatics and Flight of Fancy, both in Bear River.

Members of the Team South West committee include Human Resources
Minister Allister Surette, Acadian Affairs Minister Wayne Gaudet,
Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe, Fisheries
Minister Jim Barkhouse, Economic Renewal Agency Minister Richie
Mann, and Education Minister Robbie Harrison.


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