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The provincial government is making it easier to apply for
government jobs. Beginning today, Nova Scotians can access a
complete list of provincial government job openings on the

Human Resources Minister Allister Surette launched the new
electronic version of the Employment Opportunities Bulletin in
the Legislative Library of Province House.

"Using the Internet to publicize job opportunities allows us to
reach more Nova Scotians faster," said Mr. Surette, adding, "This
is particularly good news for people in rural areas and for
persons with disabilities who cannot easily visit a provincial
government office or Canada Employment Centre to access the
information. Now, this information is at people's fingertips,
24-hours-a-day, anywhere in the province."

In most communities, the public can access the Internet through
their local library. Some communities also provide the public
with Internet access in the schools. Also, the provincial
government's Access Nova Scotia Centres provide an additional
link to the Internet. Access Nova Scotia Centres are located in
Kentville, Bridgewater, Truro, Yarmouth and Sydney.

More Nova Scotians are turning to the Internet for information on
everything from education to jobs. In fact, the province has the
highest rate of Internet usage in the Atlantic Provinces.

"Nova Scotia is proud to be the first province in Atlantic Canada
to post all job competitions on the information highway," said
the minister. "This government is committed to using information
technology to give Nova Scotians better access to services and

To access the Employment Opportunities Bulletin listing the job
competitions in the provincial government, visit the Department
of Human Resources home page at


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