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Linda Moore, artistic director, Neptune Theatre, will open the
new exhibition at the Mary E. Black Gallery today. The exhibition
entitled The Myth and Magic in Costuming for the Stage is curated
by Robert Doyle and runs until November 2, 1996.

Magnificent costumes loaned by the Stratford Festival, the
National Ballet of Canada, National Arts Centre, Ottawa,
Dalhousie Theatre Department and Neptune Theatre and used in such
plays as Tartuffe, National Arts Centre, 1982; A Midsummer Nights
Dream, Stratford, 1977 and Dalhousie's production of The Lucky
Chance, 1994, will be on display. In some cases Robert Doyle has
obtained costumes designed for the same play but by different
designers illustrating how differences in interpretation of the
play influence costume design. It is a fitting exhibition for the
N.S. Centre for Craft and Design, showing how a design and the
craft of executing the design work together when costuming for
the theatre.

One section of the show deals with how to design costumes for
dancers. "Costumes must fit like a second skin", said Mr. Doyle.
"So that in performance the dancer and their costume will react
as one." A ballet shoe cut in half will reveal its inner
structure and provide some understanding of how the ballerina can
raise herself up on her toes to perform the steps known as

The show's curator, is an acclaimed designer whose credits
include works for National Arts Centre, Manitoba Theatre Centre,
St. Lawrence Centre, National Ballet of Canada, Neptune Theatre
and the Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Mr. Doyle is also a
faculty member of the Dalhousie Theatre Department, Costume

The Mary E. Black Gallery is located in the N.S. Centre for Craft
and Design, 1683 Barrington Street, Halifax. Gallery hours are
Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Contact: Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design  902-424-4062

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