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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie said federal and
provincial regulatory processes for approval of mining and energy
projects were key topics discussed during the annual Mines and
Energy Ministers Conference, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,
earlier this week.

"There was general agreement that an efficient regulatory process 
is essential for economic growth in the resources sector," said
Mrs. Norrie. "The Canadian Gas Association commended Nova Scotia
for its recent streamlining of the review process, which will
avoid overlap by conducting a joint public review of the Sable
Offshore Energy Project."

Nova Scotia has also made significant progress in cutting
regulatory red tape and delay through the  one window' approach
developed to deal with the mining industry.

While in Yellowknife, Mrs. Norrie signed the Intergovernmental
Geosciences Accord with other provinces and the federal

The accord provides for a coordinated approach to geoscience,
which is a cornerstone of the mineral industry.

"Nova Scotia is well ahead in this area, too," says Mrs. Norrie.
"We signed a bilateral agreement in advance of the accord in
order to maximize government geoscience efforts. Industry has
been invited to work with government to develop a plan for the
next five years that specifies where geoscience resources will be

Mrs. Norrie said the ministers reaffirmed their support for the
Voluntary Challenge Registry program to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. Eighteen Nova Scotia firms have accepted the challenge
to reduce their emissions to 1995 levels by the year 2000.

Mrs. Norrie, along with ministers from Newfoundland and New
Brunswick, also raised concerns over marine service fees proposed
by the Canadian Coast Guard. She noted the negative impact of the
fees on Nova Scotia's mineral industry and called for lower rates
on low value, bulk commodities that are the key component of
mineral exports from the province.


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