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Start Quit, Stay Quit is a new pilot project under way in the
Central Health Region to help pregnant women stop smoking during
and after pregnancy.

The program consists of trained professionals working with
participants individually or in group settings to help them
identify the factors that motivate them to remain smoke-free, and
to develop skills and strategies toward that goal. The
participants are also encouraged to develop plans to keep their
homes smoke-free.

Almost one in three Nova Scotia women smoke during pregnancy.
Smoking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or stillbirth, and
babies are more likely to be born preterm and small for
gestational age. Smoking around infants and small children can
cause them to have respiratory problems such as asthma and
bronchitis. Children of parents who smoke are more likely to
start smoking themselves.

"With a strategy in place to help combat stress, the participants
should have a better chance of breaking the habit for good," said
Nancy Hoddinott, health educator with the Tobacco Control Unit,
Department of Health.

Start Quit, Stay Quit is an initiative developed by the Community
Health Research Unit, at the University of Ottawa and
Ottawa-Carleton Health Unit. It is a joint project of the
Department of Health, the Community Health Research Unit, Health
Canada, Public Health Services in the central region, Single
Parent Centre, Parents Resource Centre, Memory Lane Family Place,
and Apple Tree Landing Children's Centre.

Anyone 16 years old and older, between two and eight months
pregnant who has quit smoking for at least one week is invited to
participate. Application cards are available at physician offices
and pharmacies in the metro and West Hants areas, by contacting
project partners or the Department of Health at 902-424-0014. It
is anticipated between 100 and 150 women will participate.

Evaluation of the program will take place in March, and results
will be used by the Department of Health to plan future smoking
prevention programs for pregnant and postpartum women.


Contact: Lori MacLean  902-424-5025

trp                 Sept. 23, 1996 - 1:45 p.m.