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The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development will
hold an "official launch" of its new web site today, Friday,
Sept. 27, 1996 at 11 a.m. Education and Culture Minister Robert
Harrison will launch this new resource for Nova Scotia's young
entrepreneurs, students, educators and partners in the
advancement of entrepreneurship.

The ceremony will take place at, Open for Business, 1521 Grafton
Street, Halifax.

The web site will provide a wide range of interactive information
and services to young people, educators and members of the
business community interested in entrepreneurship. The ceremony
will launch the site onto the World Wide Web and mark the
advancement of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and
Development through the provision of a new and innovative
resource. In addition to the launch, a brief tour of the site and
its features will be provided.


Contact: Colin Craig  902-424-7246

trp                       Sept. 27, 1996 - 9:15 a.m.