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The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg is participating
in Oktoberfest celebrations in the town this weekend, Thursday
Oct. 3 to Sunday, Oct. 6.

Ralph Getson, museum education curator, said visitors to the
museum can find out more about Lunenburg County connections to
Europe. He said the people who settled in the county were from
central and southwestern Germany, Switzerland, and Montbeliard in

On Thursday and Friday the genealogical society office on the
third floor of the museum will be open from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
for any visitor interested in tracing their Lunenburg County

The demonstration room is decorated with foliage, apples,
pumpkins and other fall spoils. Visitors can enjoy German music
and talk to costumed interpreters about the county's history and

Barbra Spindler, museum interpreter and seamstress, has been
working on costumes for the festival since last year. Ms.
Spindler said, "We had some interpreters in costume last year. It
adds so much to the atmosphere that this year we tried to get
everyone working in costume." The costume designs come from
folklore patterns and the interpreters making the costumes use
the proper fabrics like velvet.

The museum began taking part in the Oktoberfest celebrations four
years ago. Museum general manager Jim Tupper said, "We had about
380 to 400 visitors daily during Oktoberfest last year. Most of
them weren't expecting the celebration at the museum. It was a
pleasant surprise for them."

Lunenburg has been celebrating Oktoberfest for around eight years
but Mr. Getson said an autumn celebration is not a new idea. "In
the fall of every year there was some sort of celebration in
Lunenburg County."


contact: Jim Tupper  902-634-4794

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