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Kimberly-Clark Nova Scotia has agreed not to develop some company
lands to conserve significant habitats.

These non-development areas will be held in perpetuity through
legal agreements with the Province of Nova Scotia. Kimberly-Clark
is a partner in the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture Wetland
Stewardship Program (EHJV).

Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie and Gerry Byrne,
president and general manager of Kimberly-Clark dedicated one of
the sites today. It's the Deyarmont, Twin and Hay Lake habitation
area in Colchester County, near Brookfield.

Kimberly-Clark Nova Scotia has set an excellent example of
wetland conservation and protection, said, Mrs. Norrie.
"Stewardship is important to the conservation and sustainable use
of wildlife and its habitat in Nova Scotia. Our government is
committed to encouraging good stewardship throughout the

An agreement, signed in December 1993, called for the province,
through the stewardship program, to carry out a wetlands
inventory on Kimberly-Clark's land and to draft wetlands
management plans. This inventory identified 4,284 wetlands
covering 24,490 hectares (60,490 acres), or 11 per cent of the
total area of freshwater wetlands in Nova Scotia. The Deyarmont,
Twin and Hay Lakes habitat conservation area is one of identified

The data provided in this inventory is excellent, said Mr. Byrne.
"We will use this data as part of our Geographic Information
System (GIS) to strengthen our ability to do environmentally
sensitive management planning. It will help us build in
environmental protection."

The stewardship agreement covers 406,060 hectares (1,002,968
acres) of company land, as well as 86,640 hectares (214,000
acres) of Crown lands under licence to Kimberly-Clark. The
management plans include recommendations for buffer strip
management; beaver management, loon conservation, cavity nest
boxes, and species at risk guidelines.

Kimberly-Clark is already implementing some recommendations from
the plans, including a duck nesting box program and loon
conservation work. Company employees will work with local
environmental and conservation groups and individuals to
implement these recommendations.

The EHJV is a partnership set up in 1989 to carry out strategies
of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) in
Canada's six eastern provinces in order to increase waterfowl
populations and improve their habitat. Other EHJV partners
include the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada,
Ducks Unlimited Canada, and Wildlife Habitat Canada. This year is
the 10th anniversary of the NAWMP.


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