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Bill C-29, otherwise known as the Manganese-based Fuel Additives
Act, threatens the 234 skilled jobs at the Imperial Oil refinery
in Eastern Passage, Premier John Savage said in a letter to Prime
Minister Jean Chretien.

The bill, reintroduced in Parliament for third reading, would
result in a five to 10 per cent increase in the refinery's
operating costs, said the letter.

"This would place the refinery in a precarious financial
situation and threaten 234 skilled jobs."

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Premier Savage said that
Nova Scotia has suffered a "disproportionate loss of public
sector jobs as a result of federal cutbacks and transfers of
staff and facilities to other provinces."

"The additional loss to the private sector as a result of a
policy change founded on unproven, and in some cases, disproven,
allegations is simply not acceptable."

Premier Savage said Bill C-29 should be hoisted until such time
as thorough scientific study can determine the truth of the
allegations against manganese-based fuel additives.

Bill C-29 would prohibit the inter-provincial trade in, and
importation of, certain manganese-based substances added to
unleaded gasoline.


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trp                  Oct. 04, 1996 - 4:30 p.m.