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Memorial High School, Sydney Mines, is leading the way as the
first Cape Breton school to officially form a school advisory

School advisory councils, made possible under the new provincial
Education Act, open school doors to parents and the community, to
work with teachers and students in continually building quality
and helping students succeed.

The letter of agreement, formally creating the Memorial advisory
council, was signed today by Education and Culture Minister
Robbie Harrison; Sandy Hillier, vice-chair, Cape Breton-Victoria
Regional School Board; Murdock MacNeil and Stan MacDougall,
council co-chairs; and Joe MacDougall, school principal.

"We have a shared responsibility in supporting student success,"
said Mr. Harrison. "Advisory councils bring all education
partners to the table, working continually to make the school and
the learning experience for students better and better."

The 11-member Memorial council includes three parents, three
teachers, three students, the school custodian, and a community
member. As well, the school principal serves as a permanent
member. Council responsibilities include developing a school
improvement plan, developing policies to promote academic
excellence, supporting and improving the extra-curricular
program, advising on school discipline, and communicating with
education partners.

Mr. MacDougall said the school is excited to be home to Cape
Breton's first advisory council. "We've never really had a home
and school or PTA. Now, parents and the community will have a
real say in what happens in our school, working with teachers,
students and other school staff."

Although Memorial is the first official council, about 30 more
councils are about to get up and running in schools across Cape
Breton. As well, Cape Breton has been home to school advisory
councils at three test sites: L'Ardoise, Judique-Creignish and
Petit-de-Grat schools. The lessons and experiences learned at
these schools, and the five other test sites across the province,
have helped to establish the framework for all schools to follow.


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