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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie has announced
establishment of a provincial secretariat to work exclusively on
the Sable gas and pipeline projects. It will be known as the Nova
Scotia Offshore Energy Office.

"It has a simple, but important, mission," said Mrs. Norrie,
"Namely, to expedite development of the Sable gas projects and to
ensure that Nova Scotia and Nova Scotians receive the maximum,
possible benefits from those projects."

Mrs. Norrie made the announcement today in an address at the
annual CORE (Canadian Offshore Resources Exhibition) conference
in Halifax.

For the $3 billion Sable gas and pipeline projects, the Nova
Scotia Offshore Energy Office will be the first point of contact
with the provincial government. "It is the lead agency to
coordinate and develop policies and strategies to ensure success
of these projects," the minister said.

The new office will be staffed by a team of professionals
seconded from key government departments. There are nine members
on the team, including: two individuals knowledgeable in the oil
and gas industry, a financial person with knowledge of royalty
and tax issues in the petroleum field, a solicitor familiar with
oil and gas law, a communications officer, a business development
officer, a community development officer, an individual familiar
with regulatory and environmental review processes, and an

Salaries of the seconded team members are being paid by their
respective departments. The team is located at Founder's Square,
Hollis Street, Halifax.

"The Nova Scotia Offshore Energy Office will ensure a coordinated
and expeditious approach to Sable gas and pipeline development,"
said Mrs. Norrie. "Most important, it will identify opportunities
for Nova Scotia businesses and ensure that our 'Nova Scotia
first' policy is implemented."

The minister told CORE conference delegates that she believes the
benefits and opportunities for Nova Scotians from Sable gas will
extend far beyond the next few years of development and

"Over the longer haul, a natural gas industry will develop within
the province. It will stem from things like the Sable gas
processing plant in Guysborough County and the liquid natural gas
plant in the Strait of Canso," she said. "Local distribution
lines to deliver gas to businesses, industries, and domestic
users, will be developed off the main pipeline. This will mean
more economic activity, new business opportunities, and more jobs
and incomes for Nova Scotians." 

Production of Sable gas could start as soon as November, 1999. As
many as 4,000 jobs would be created in the construction phase of
the gas production project, and several hundred jobs in
construction of the main gas transmission pipeline.


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