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Premier John Savage announced today that the province has
approved construction of a 67-bed nursing home at the site of the
community hospital on Main Street.

"The brand new nursing home will give seniors the continued
opportunity to remain in the community, surrounded by family and
friends, to receive the health care services they require," the
premier said. "It is a facility that you have helped to develop,
giving us your ideas, your expertise and your advice. I want to
assure you that we will continue to work with the community to
make this facility an asset that will benefit generations to

Final designs for the free-standing nursing home, to be built at
a cost of approximately $5 million, are under development. The
home will offer Level II care and will house beds for veterans.
Level II care means nursing supervision and/or nursing care are
required by residents. All nursing homes in Nova Scotia provide
Level II care.

"The focus of this nursing home will be to provide quality care
to residents in a community setting -- and that is really what
health renewal is all about," said Health Minister Bernie

The merged Cape Breton Health Care Complex -- the Cape Breton
Regional Hospital, the Glace Bay Healthcare Corporation, New
Waterford Consolidated Hospital and Northside Harborview Hospital
Corporation -- came into being on April 1, 1996 and took the time
needed to carefully evaluate and consider all aspects of the
original project, which was to be built on South Street. It was
later determined that a stand-alone nursing home on the Main
Street site would be a better option.

Preparation for construction of the new nursing home will begin

"The board of directors for the Cape Breton Health Care Complex
supports the move to the Main Street site, and will work in a
spirit of co-operation with the Department of Health and the
Eastern Regional Health Board," said Vince MacLean, board


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