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Students, staff and the school board today celebrated the
official opening of one of the most technologically advanced
elementary schools in the province.

Premier John Savage opened the new Glace Bay Elementary along
with Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison, Community
Services Minister John MacEachern and members of the Cape
Breton-Victoria School Board.

"Through the technology at Glace Bay Elementary we are providing
students with a window on the world and a step onto a future
career path," said the premier. "This is a unique school where
learning will not be limited to the four walls of the classroom."

In addition to computers in every classroom, the school is
equipped with television monitors in classrooms and corridors,
allowing teachers to remotely access school resources at the
touch of a button, without ever leaving the room. Incorporated
into the bright spacious design are music and art rooms, as well
as a gymnasium and library.

Mr. Harrison said Glace Bay Elementary has a lot of which to be
proud in addition to its technology. "It's more than the
skylights that make this school open and inviting. The students,
staff and parents give it a sense of community that makes this,
and any school, truly special."

Mr. MacEachern said: "This is a school the whole community can be
proud of and benefit for many years to come."

Other features of the school include moveable walls to adapt to a
variety of class sizes, programs and activities. "Grey boards"
have also replaced the dusty chalkboard system, allowing teachers
to use washable coloured markers. In addition a canopy will
protect children from rain and rain as they go outside to catch

Glace Bay Elementary serves 530 students from grades two to six.
Students in grades primary and one attend nearby Brookside
Elementary, but take art, music and physical education at Glace
Bay Elementary. In addition these students will also use the new
facilities for special events.

Brookside students will also benefit from the advanced technology
as they will be linked via the information highway to the same
resources used at Glace Bay Elementary. As enrolments decline, it
is anticipated that Glace Bay Elementary will accommodate
students from all elementary grades.


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