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The appointment of Flora Inglis Buchan as a Judge of the Family
Court in Halifax, was announced today by Justice Minister Jay

Ms. Buchan received her BA from Concordia University and her law
degree from Dalhousie University. She was called to the Bar in

Ms. Buchan began her career in 1981 as the sole practitioner in
the Buchan Law Offices, where she concentrated on the areas of
family, criminal and property law. Since 1984, she has been a
partner with the firm Buchan, Derrick and Ring of Halifax, where
she developed a strong practice in the area of family law.

Ms. Buchan has been very active in her community, and was one of
the founding members of the Women's Legal Education and Action
Fund (LEAF). Since 1990, she has been a director of the Nova
Scotia Legal Aid Commission and has been actively involved in
community legal education. She has also been the chair and
co-chair of the gender equality committee of the Nova Scotia
Barristers Society.

"Ms. Buchan has contributed significantly to the legal community
in Nova Scotia," said Mr. Abbass. "I know she will continue to
serve Nova Scotians with the same professionalism and integrity
she has demonstrated throughout her career."

The candidates on provincial judicial appointments are
recommended by an advisory committee. This committee consists of
two members appointed by the Barristers Society, the chief judges
of the Provincial and Family Court and four lay persons from the
community at large. The committee reviews the applicants on a
broad range of criteria, which includes an evaluation of the
candidates' qualifications, intellectual and judgemental ability,
professional excellence and community awareness.


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