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Agricultural and Marketing Minister Guy Brown today announced the
release of three new research reports pertaining to food,
agriculture and tourism opportunities that are now available
through the department.

The 1996 Maritime Food Consumer Survey explores consumer food
preferences, attitudes and habits with specific focus on Maritime
food products. This profile of the region's consumer market helps
identify opportunities for expanding markets for local foods.

The Maritime Health and Food Consumption Report investigates food
nutritional issues of concern to Maritime consumers. The report
also looks at consumer beliefs on how food consumption affects
their health. This study has implications for food producers,
processors and marketers as they attempt to tailor products to
meet the increasing demands of today's health conscious

The third report, An Agri-tourism Strategy for Nova Scotia,
examines the potential for an expanded agriculture-based tourism

In its current form, agri-tourism activities in the province
generate over $29 million for the local economy. These activities
include farm-based accommodations, rural attractions, rural
retail opportunities, such as roadside markets and u-picks, and
agriculture-based festivals and events such as the Apple Blossom
Festival. The study confirms there is potential for further
development of agri-tourism in the province.

All three studies were commissioned by the Marketing Services
Branch of the Department of Agriculture and Marketing. Complete
reports are available at a cost of $49.95 each. For ordering
details phone (902) 893-6384 or fax (902) 895-9403.


Contact: Scott Hosking  902-893-6384

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