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The province and the Halifax Regional Municipality are bringing
together key players in the province's transportation system in a
concerted effort to attract new business, trade, investment and

The revitalized Halifax-Dartmouth Port Development Commission
includes major port and airport stakeholders. Eight new
commission appointees represent organizations that hold the key
to future development of the metro region's airport, port and
international trade business interests.

"The port of Halifax can, and will be the gateway to North
America. We plan to concentrate on the assets we have, right here
and right now, to create the opportunities of the future." said
Premier Savage. "We will have the key people at the table to make
Nova Scotia's advantages an economic reality."

Halifax Regional Municipality Mayor Walter Fitzgerald said the
commission will bring an integrated approach, linking key assets,
like the port and airport, to create and maintain maximum
economic benefits for Nova Scotians.

"We must be prepared to meet the challenges and take advantage of
the opportunities in a rapidly changing transportation industry."
said Mayor Fitzgerald. "We have been able to attract leading
business and industry leaders from our community to serve on this
commission. They will help us to chart our transportation course
into the next century."

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann was equally optimistic that
the chemistry of the new commission will help Nova Scotia thrive.

"The port of Halifax, in cooperation with the region's other key
air and land links, holds vast potential economic benefits for
the city and the province," said Mr. Mann. "These assets can be
used to attract new investment, new business and that means new
jobs for the city, the region, and the province."

The mandate for the 12-person commission is to develop an
integrated approach that brings land, sea and air links together
to capture international trade and business. This "gateway"
positioning will enable Halifax to take advantage of changes in
the shipping industry as it consolidates hub calls with larger
vessels. The commission will also look for ways to take advantage
of changes in the airline industry, including "open skies" with
the U.S. and more access to other foreign destinations.

Chairman Tom Hayes said the newly structured commission provides
"an excellent opportunity for stakeholders involved in port and
transportation business to discuss issues of common interest, to
eliminate duplication of effort and to move forward together.
There is a wealth of talent in this community which can be used
to benefit business and the people of this region."

The eight new appointees are: Annette L. Marshall, chair,
Waterfront Development Corporation; Fred R. MacGillivray,
president & CEO, World Trade and Convention Centre; David Nauss,
president-business agent, Halifax Longshoremen's Association
Local 269 ILA; Wyman Benjamin, executive director, Shearwater
Development Corporation; Mervyn Russell, chairman, Halifax Port
Corporation; Craig Littzen, vice president, Intermodal CN;
Bernard Miller, chairman, Halifax International Airport
Authority; and Michael J. MacDonald, president & CEO, Greater
Halifax Economic Development Partnership.

The new members join current members, chairman Tom Hayes, Elaine
Brown, Paul Zive and Jane Cordy. The new appointments run to
March 31, 1998.

The Metropolitan Halifax Chamber of Commerce recently released a
report on the vision for the port. Premier Savage said there is
"universal acceptance in the community of the need for a
strategic and integrated gateway approach to our port assets."

"We're extending that concept - we need an integrated approach
toward all the assets that can attract investment and export
dollars through transportation and trade links. This group will
help make that happen." said the Premier.


Contact: Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann  902-424-5790

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