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Environment Minister Wayne Adams, minister responsible for the
Emergency Measures Act, is calling on all Nova Scotians to
cooperate with their municipal governments in clearly posting
their addresses.

The minister's reminder comes as he prepares the final agenda for
Enhanced Emergency 911 service throughout the province.

Nova Scotia becomes the only Canadian province with a fully
integrated 911 emergency system. But there is a hitch in the
final plans.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is not ready for full service.
Earlier this year the municipality asked for a three-month delay
to allow time to install equipment necessary for the activation
of 911 emergency dispatch in the metro area.

At the time, HRM informed the department they would be ready to
participate in 911 service Dec. 31. Recently, the municipality
informed the Department of the Environment that they would not be
able to participate in providing the service until May, 1997. The
additional delay is the result of a shortage of staff until the
fire and police dispatch personnel are consolidated within a new
facility in Bedford.

Mr. Adams has decided that it would be unfair to deny residents
in surrounding areas the protection of 911 service. "The service
saves lives. We are ready to roll, and so are the RCMP, the
former Halifax County region, Lunenburg County and West Hants. I
do not think it would be wise to deny people in those areas the
protection of 911."

Accordingly, 911 service will be available to Lunenburg County,
West Hants and those parts of Halifax Regional Municipality
served by the RCMP before Christmas 1996. The exact date will be
announced by mid-November.

With the addition of these areas, 77 per cent of Nova Scotians
will be covered by the 911 umbrella. The service will be extended
to Cape Breton Oct. 28, two months ahead of the original
schedule. "I want to extend my appreciation to the municipal
leaders and police, fire and ambulance services on Cape Breton
for the outstanding effort they made to extend 911 protection to
their residents well ahead of the original implementation date,"
said the minister.

In partnership with Maritime Tel and Tel the provincial
government has invested approximately $6 million in the 911
system. "I fully expect that the Halifax Regional Municipality
will work out their problems so they can offer citizens of metro
the same security as is now available from Cape Sable to Cape
North," said Mr. Adams.


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