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Hikers, school children and community groups will soon be able to
enjoy the natural beauty of Burnt Island, Richmond County, thanks
to the efforts of the Seaside Wilderness Association.

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann today announced a $99,000
dollar project to construct a seaside wilderness camp on the

The project will include the construction of overnight
accommodation, washrooms and kitchen facilities, walking trails,
tent sites and an osprey nesting site. Work began in mid-October
and is expected to last for at least 10 weeks.

"This is about communities building on the beauty of their areas
and creating business in the bargain," said Mr. Mann. "Besides
creating short-term construction jobs, a camp co-ordinator's job
and summer jobs for students, the Sea Scape Wilderness Camp will
show this beautiful area at its best to residents, school
children, community groups and visitors. More visitors means more
money in the local economy."

The camp is located off the causeway to Isle Madame, and is
accessible at low-tide via a sandbar. It will be used by local
youth organizations as well as children from throughout Richmond
County and Cape Breton.

The trails, making the most of unique plant life and bird
watching opportunities, will be popular with visiting tourists,
nature hikes and bird watchers.

"The camp will be booked on a user-pay basis, by special interest
groups like school systems and seniors groups. Three counties are
interested in the project for educational purposes, and it also
opens up potential for annual scouting events and so on," said
Blair Samson, co-chair of the Louisdale-based Seaside Wilderness

The Sea Scape Wilderness project has been funded by the Nova
Scotia Economic Renewal Agency under the Community Opportunities
Fund ($23,300), Nova Scotia Sports and Recreation ($26,200),
local contributions from the Royal Canadian Legion, the Seaside
Wilderness Association, the Louisdale Lion's Club and Richmond
Sand and Gravel (total of $30,910) and Human Resources
Development Canada.


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