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Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe has asked
senior staff to review why new U-bolts used on the Indian Sluice
bridge, near Yarmouth, didn't work.

"Public safety is our greatest concern. We have to find out why
U-bolts used on the Indian Sluice bridge didn't work," said Mr.
Downe. "Whatever happened in this case, we have to make sure it
doesn't happen again."

The single-lane Indian Sluice bridge connects Surette and Morris
Islands with mainland Yarmouth county. It buckled under the
weight of a 26 tonne truck travelling over the bridge Oct. 12. An
inspection of the steel truss structure, following the collapse,
showed that one of a set of galvanized U-bolts that had been
installed recently had failed.

All the U-bolts, 18 on each side of the bridge, were replaced and
are being tested as part of the examination. The bridge was
repaired, inspected and reopened to traffic six days after the


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jlw                            Oct. 28, 1996    5:50 p.m.