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The minister responsible for the Technology and Science
Secretariat, Gerald O'Malley, and Bermuda's Minister for
Technology and Communications, John Barrett, were linked via
video conference today to showcase Bermuda College's technology
capabilities and to mark the college's success in building
networks and alliances with the business, educational and
government communities outside of Bermuda.

"Nova Scotians and Bermudians share many linkages," said Mr.
O'Malley, during the 15 minute video link. "This year alone, 70
Bermudian students are enrolled in Nova Scotian universities. We
are always pleased to have Bermudian students studying at our
universities, and as a government, we, of course, are very
supportive of business, government and academic institutions
working together to ensure that students get the kind of
education required to meet the workplace challenges of the 21st

Nova Scotia was the only province invited to participate in the
college's celebrations. The province was selected because of its
strong ties with Bermuda and the popularity of Nova Scotia
universities among Bermuda College graduates.

"The Government of Nova Scotia is very pleased to have been
invited to participate in Bermuda College's celebrations and to
help demonstrate its new state-of-the-art facilities," said Mr.
O'Malley. "Our historic linkages make it only fitting that we
join Bermudians today electronically in the celebration of our
increasing technological linkages."

In the early 1940s and 1950s, CANBER cable linked Bermuda to
Canada through Mill Village, N.S. Throughout the 1960s, Maritime
Tel and Tel employees helped to build the Bermuda Telephone
Company's network.

More than 50 university officials, government and business
leaders gathered at the Bermuda College to celebrate the event
and participate in the video conference.

Bermuda College has over 1,800 part-time and full-time students.


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