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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie said Nova Scotia
businesses should prepare for opportunities associated with
development of Sable Island natural gas.

"If you are not ready, you should get ready," Mrs. Norrie said in
an address Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Offshore
Technologies Association of Nova Scotia (OTANS) in Halifax.

The Sable Offshore Energy Project group, led by Mobil Oil Canada,
will decide in mid-1997 whether to proceed with the $3 billion
gas and pipeline development. If the project goes ahead,
construction would start at the end of 1997 and gas production
would begin in 1999.

Mrs. Norrie said if the project goes ahead, Nova Scotia firms are
expected to supply about $350 million worth of supplies, services
and materials. "This represents opportunities for Nova Scotia
firms in five general areas," the minister said. "Those areas are
marine transportation services, construction of offshore platform
components, business services, air transportation, and wholesale

The minister also said she is determined that Nova Scotians will
reap the benefits from development of Sable gas. "My job, as
minister responsible for our natural resources, is to put Nova
Scotia's interests first...for both now and for the future."

During the two year construction phase, nearly four thousand jobs
will be created onshore and offshore. Examples of some of the
numbers and kinds of jobs include: about 300 workers to drill the
offshore gas wells; another 150 to provide support services; 500
to assemble the offshore gas production platform; 220 to build
the subsea pipelines connecting the six gas fields; and about 500
people to build an onshore gas processing plant and other gas
handling facilities in the Canso strait.

"That's a lot of work, a lot of jobs, and a lot of contracts,"
said Mrs. Norrie. "It is also a lot of opportunities for Nova
Scotia suppliers, contractors and tradespeople."

After the construction phase, nearly 250 people would have
permanent jobs in the 25 year production phase of the project.
This would include workers for the offshore platforms, plus
support staff and plant workers for the onshore gas processing

Throughout the 25 year production period, about $28 million worth
of materials would be secured from Nova Scotia suppliers each
year. "That's about $2.3 million per month for 25 years or $700
million over the life of the project," Mrs. Norrie said. "In
addition, the payroll to project workers would be about $19
million each year. That's $475 million in wages and salaries over
the full production period."

Mrs. Norrie said a key role of the recently established Nova
Scotia Offshore Energy Office, is to ensure that Nova Scotia
companies and workers receive maximum possible benefits and
opportunities from Sable gas development. For the Sable projects,
the new office is the first point of contact with the provincial


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