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A new bridge will be built at Acadia Mines, near Londonderry,
Colchester County.  

After a full review by Department of Transportation and Public
Works engineers, the decision was made to replace the existing
bridge rather than repair its substructure. Safety being the
primary concern, replacing the bridge was the best choice.

"Providing a safe, dependable route for area residents is our
main objective. We've listened to the concerns of people in the
area and I think everyone is willing to accept this decision,"
said Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe.

The tourism value of the structure will be taken into
consideration. The department recognizes the concerns of those
who want to ensure the scenic beauty of the gorge is preserved.

"The beauty of this area, which attracts tourists from all over,
comes from the setting," said Mr. Downe. "The new bridge won't
take away from the local scenery."

The new bridge should be completed in approximately six weeks at
a cost of $240,000. This option keeps inconvenience to area
residents at a minimum.

The existing bridge's substructure has been badly eroded, with
winter freeze and thaw cycles adding to the problem. Repairing
the substructure rather than replacing the entire bridge raises
additional safety concerns and could take three months or more to
repair, and would cost taxpayers double the amount of a new
bridge. Work on the new bridge will begin on Thursday.


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jlw                        Oct. 30, 1996        5:20 p.m.