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When schoolchildren in Louisiana learn about their Acadian roots,
it could soon be with the aid of a CD-ROM made in Nova Scotia.

The co-producers of the CD-ROM, Sydney-based Portage Technologies
Inc., and Taisbean Multimedia, are among eight Acadian Nova
Scotia businesses to accompany Human Resources Minister Allister
Surette on a trade mission to Louisiana this week.

It is the second such mission in six months, and will last from
Nov. 1 to 8. Building on historical ties between Acadians from
both regions, participants hope to forge profitable business
links, and make the most of new export opportunities.

"This mission will build on the contacts and relationships
established during the April trip and during the recent visit of
Cajun delegates to Nova Scotia," said Mr. Surette. "Among other
things, we'll be pursuing partnership and exchange opportunities,
and exploring a four-year tourism cross-marketing strategy for
Louisiana and Nova Scotia."

The companies going to Lafayette represent a cross-section of
Nova Scotia business. They include multimedia technology, tourism
and accommodation, small business, education, arts and crafts and
the culture industry. Delegates will have up to four meetings a
day with Louisiana companies.

Mission members are taking with them table-top displays to
showcase their work and some are hoping to secure future deals
during the visit. Portage Technologies Inc., and Taisbean
Multimedia will be showcasing their CD-ROM --- Les Acadians and
150 Families --- to immersion school supervisors, foreign
language teachers and education department officials. They are
targeting the education curriculum to drive sales in Louisiana
and Nova Scotia.

"Our main objective is to open doors to education markets," said
Mark Sajatovich of Portage Technologies. "It's wonderful that the
governments of Nova Scotia and Louisiana can join forces to
develop markets - it helps small businesses like ourselves. The
Economic Renewal Agency has certainly taken the lead for small
businesses wishing to develop internationally."

Nova Scotia participants on the mission include representatives
from: Mountain Gap Resort, Digby; Production Picasse Ltd., Little
Anse, Richmond County; Le Comite Regional de la FANE de
Cheticamp; Bear Holdings Ltd., Cheticamp; Portage Technologies
Inc., Sydney; Taisbean Multimedia Productions, Sydney; Centre
Jodrey, Universite Saints-Anne, Church Point; Les Editions du
Grand Pre, Waterville; and Evangeline Trail Tourist Association,
New Minas.


Contact: Joe Cottreau
         In Halifax:                902-424-3970  
         In Louisiana (Nov. 1-8)    318-235-6111

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