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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown has announced that
National 4-H Week will be celebrated Nov. 4-10.

The 4-H movement has been bringing leadership and development
programs to Nova Scotia's rural young people for 75 years. The
first 4-H seeds were sown in 1922 in Heatherton, Antigonish
County, with a Boys' and Girls' Club. This 4-H club was an
Ayrshire heifer and swine club of 14 members. Since its
beginnings the 4-H program has evolved to offer leadership
development, public speaking and practical skills.

Mr. Brown said 4-H promotes and encourages the growth and
potential of Canada's "greatest resource - our youth, allowing
them to learn new skills and make new friends."

"The 4-H program promotes responsibility in youth so that they
may be good citizens and continue to make a contribution to their
club, community and country," he said.

In Nova Scotia 3,000 young people and 1,000 adult leaders
participate in club activities and 4-H projects. More than 40
projects, such as environment, livestock and crafts, promote
skill development to 4-H members as they pursue the motto "Learn
To Do By Doing."

Beyond the club level, 4-H members have the opportunity to
participate in 4-H provincial, national and international events. 
As well, they can apply for scholarships, award trips and

This year, National 4-H Week activities will celebrate 75 years
of 4-H accomplishments in Nova Scotia. Tribute will be paid to
the milestones achieved and the contributions made by 4-H members
and leaders to agriculture, communities and rural Nova Scotia.


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