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Economic spinoffs associated with the Sable Offshore Energy
Project have touched down in Pictou County with news that the
Trenton airport will be upgraded.

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann, together with Roseanne
Skoke, MP, representing federal Natural Resources Minister Anne
McLellan and federal Health Minister David Dingwall, announced
today that the federal and provincial governments have allocated
$3.5 million under the Canada-Nova Scotia Development Fund, to
the Town of Trenton to upgrade the Trenton Municipal Airport.

The funding will be used to extend the existing runway to 1524
metres, build a 1000 square metre hangar, install weather and
navigational aids, and carry out environmental improvements to
fuelling and de-icing facilities.

"With these improvements, the Trenton airport can act as a
service base for the people and companies working on the Sable
Offshore Energy Project, creating jobs and bringing economic
benefits for the entire region," said Mr. Mann.

Ms. Skoke said that the "upgrading of the facilities will enable
the airport to be used to service the Sable project during
development and production, create jobs and provide the necessary
infrastructure to support our local industry as well as the
increased ability to attract new industry to Pictou County."

Trenton Mayor Barry Trenholm said, "This planned expansion will
be a tremendous boost for the economic development opportunities
in the area as well as improving service to existing airport

Engineering and design work will start immediately, with
construction work to begin next spring. The work will be managed
by the Town of Trenton.

The Canada-Nova Scotia Development Fund was established in March,
1982 for infrastructure costs directly or indirectly relating to
the exploration for, or development of, production or
transportation of oil and gas in the Nova Scotia offshore area.

Federal funding for the project was provided for in the March,
1996 budget and is therefore built into the existing fiscal


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