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When Nova Scotia's largest manufacturers go shopping for parts
and products, the province's smaller manufacturers would like
them to look a little closer to home.

The Nova Scotia Pride Reverse Trade Show, being held today, will
bring the buyers and sellers closer together, making the shopping
a little easier.

Sponsored by the Economic Renewal Agency, the one day reverse
trade show at Halifax's World Trade & Convention Centre's Port
Royal Room, is about buying products made in Nova Scotia.

Small and medium-sized businesses have an opportunity to meet
with some of Nova Scotia's largest manufacturers and see the
kinds of products they are currently purchasing outside of
Atlantic Canada.

It's called a reverse trade show because Nova Scotia companies
will be displaying products they buy from outside the region.
It's an opportunity for the smaller operators to see if they can
supply those products, keeping the buy and sell transaction
within the province. The larger companies would save on
transportation costs and the smaller companies would land new

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann said, "We're trying to
strengthen local economies and I'm sure the bigger manufacturers
would just as soon buy products made in Nova Scotia than
elsewhere. The expertise and quality workmanship is here, it's
just a matter of increasing the awareness level, for both sides."

The reverse trade show is aimed at businesses manufacturing
production parts, machinery and replacement parts, tooling, hand
tools, packaging materials, plus work clothing and protective

Some of the larger companies displaying the products they
currently buy outside the region include: Halifax Shipyards,
Louisiana Pacific, Michelin, Trenton Works, Pratt & Whitney
Canada, and the Sable Offshore Energy Project.

" Until you put potential buyers and sellers together in a show
like, a manufacturer in Pictou County may not know that there's a
machine shop in Cumberland County that can make the specialized
part he's been buying in Ontario for years," said Mr. Mann.

This is the second reverse trade show put on by the Economic
Renewal Agency. The first show was held in Stellarton last June,
with 15 exhibitors and 65 potential suppliers meeting for the
first time. Today's show runs until 5 p.m. and is open to the


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