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Nova Scotia's long-term strategy to enhance the environment and
create jobs got another boost today.

Environment Minister Wayne Adams and Derek Firth, acting general
manager of the Resource Recovery Fund Board Inc., announced that
Nova Scotia will begin a comprehensive tire recycling program
Jan. 2, 1997.

"The recycling of tires is an important step in our efforts to
clean up the environment and create sustainable jobs," said the

"In Nova Scotia, more than 900,000 tires a year are discarded,
with most of them ending up in landfills or being stockpiled,
posing fire, health and environmental hazards. Under this
program, used tires will be recycled into marketable products,"
Mr. Firth said.

An agreement has been signed between Resource Recovery Fund Board
Inc. and Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC). The
company will construct and operate a tire recycling plant in Nova
Scotia at a cost of about $3.3 million.

Doug Vicars of TRACC said his company will make this investment
on its own without any government financial participation.

The program will create between 50-75 jobs. The total payroll
contribution to the economy is expected to be in excess of $1.4
million annually. The company is in the final stages of
determining the plant location. The contract stipulates that the
plant must be operational by June 30, 1997.

TRACC was selected to operate the tire recycling program
following a competitive evaluation process, based on maximizing
the environmental and economic benefits to Nova Scotia.

A ban of disposal of tires in landfills and incinerators will
coincide with the Jan. 2 start-up of the recycling program.

A stewardship agreement will be arranged between the tire
industry and the Resource Recovery Fund. As part of the
province-wide strategy, the tire industry will remit a $3
environmental fee, for automobile and light truck tires, to the
Resource Recovery Fund Board, which will manage the program.
The fee for larger tires will be $9.


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