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Nova Scotia's first guide to winter and spring getaways is making
its debut in the international marketplace this week. Tourism
operators throughout Nova Scotia are offering more than 80
off-season learning, leisure and lifestyle vacations in the new
Doers' and Dreamers' Collection of Exciting Getaways vacation

This new publication promotes the tourism industry's goal to
expand the shoulder seasons. Current research shows that can be
done by taking advantage of a growing interest in learning and
leisure vacations.

"We're very optimistic about promoting Nova Scotia's shoulder
seasons. We believe this will be successful" said Economic
Renewal Minister Richie Mann. "Few places in North America beat
Nova Scotia for beauty in the summer and fall. This guide will
help build our reputation as a great winter and spring

The package guide is a pilot program designed to test-market
learning, leisure and lifestyle vacations. "When you take a new
product to market it needs to be tested and evaluated. We need to
know what works, and how to improve it," said Mr. Mann.

Packages featured in the guide are designed to accommodate a
growing trend toward vacation choices that include a combination
of learning and leisure.

A recent tourism report by the Canada Tourism Commission (CTC),
shows that 78 per cent of those polled have a keen interest in
learning during their vacations. The 1996 report, "Segmentation
of the Domestic Travel Market," found that learning is an
important travel motivator. Among those most interested are
nature buffs, culture enthusiasts and sport activists.

In the last five years, Nova Scotia has broadened its presence in
Canada and Europe through a number of marketing strategies that
include familiarization tours of the province, marketing
agreements and advertising cooperatives. Susan Bartlett, chair of
the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia's marketing
committee, said packages that appeal to a visitor's desire to
learn add to Nova Scotia's reputation as a choice destination.

"Finding new ways to extend the tourism season beyond the end of
October is one of the priorities outlined in the tourism strategy
released last spring," said Ms. Bartlett. "The package guide is a
proactive effort between the private sector tourism industry and
government to promote off-season travel to Nova Scotia."

Distribution will include a direct mail campaign to Atlantic
Canadian travel agencies, tour wholesalers and media. The guide
will also be mailed as Nova Scotia's contribution to a fall and
early winter CTC advertising campaign in newspapers from
Newfoundland to Saskatchewan.

The Economic Renewal Agency's marketing staff will be working
with Canada 3000 Airlines to help distribute packages to promote
its year-round flights to Halifax from Amsterdam and Vancouver;
with Icelandair for distribution in Iceland, Luxembourg,
Scandinavia and Germany; and with Northwest Airlines for
distribution in early 1997.

Packages range from gourmet, craft and photography weekends to
longer visits featuring music instruction, theatre and
snowmobiling getaways. All packages are offered until April 30,
1997, and are travel agent commissionable. To order a copy of the
Doers' and Dreamers' Collection of Exciting Getaways guide, call
425-5781 locally or 1-800-565-0000 in North America.


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