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A discussion paper proposing to improve and streamline rules
affecting condominiums was released today by Business and
Consumer Services Minister Sandy Jolly.

"The existing legislation dealing with the registration of
condominiums and their operation is over 20 years old," said Ms.
Jolly. "Changes in condominium development and the benefit of the
experience gained since this statute was passed have indicated a
need to modernize this legislation."

"Nova Scotia Condominium Act - Proposals for Change" is based on
the recommendations from a committee representing private and
public sectors, condominium owners, property managers, developers
and government. The discussion paper reflects the committee's
review of the legislation and issues relating to condominiums.

Ms. Jolly noted the discussion paper addresses a number of
important issues that are being discussed in condominium
communities across the country. These issues include a more
effective dispute resolution system, streamlined operational
procedures and increased powers for condominium boards, reserve
funds, financial reporting procedures and measures relating to

The paper identifies the significant problems or issues
associated with each of the topics and presents proposals for
addressing these concerns. For example, in the case of financial
reporting, the rationale for financial reports is outlined and
several proposals are presented that are designed to balance the
unit owners' need for information about the financial affairs of
the corporation and the cost to the unit owners. The proposals
for changing the current Condominium Act would result in
increased efficiency and flexibility.

"Condominium owners, the legal community, developers and property
managers have expressed their concern with certain aspects of the
current legislation," said Ms. Jolly. "Some of the
recommendations would improve the framework under which
condominium boards and unit owners operate, provide new options
for developers, and reduce costs and paper burden for the
participants in this process."

The consultation started by the release of this discussion paper 
is an important part of the department's legislative reform
process. Copies of the paper have been forwarded to stakeholders
and are available on request from the Government Bookstore, 1700
Granville Street, Halifax, phone: 1-800-526-6775 or 424-7580.
Interested parties are urged to provide written comments which
will be taken into consideration during the next phase of this


Contact: Barb Jones Gordon  902-424-5079     

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