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A new workshop is being offered to Nova Scotia producers and
processors interested in adding value to their products. "Adding
Value to Fruit and Vegetable Products", is scheduled for Monday,
Nov. 25, at the Kentville Agriculture Centre.

Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown said the workshop is
an effective way to stimulate new growth in the Nova Scotia
agri-food industry. "By finding new and creative ways to make our
products attractive to our customers, and by promoting the
quality of Nova Scotia grown products, we are ensuring that our
industry remains healthy and prosperous," Mr. Brown said.

Discussions will focus on a variety of techniques to enhance the
value of fruits and vegetables, by creating new or improved
products through processing or packaging. Participants will learn
about proven technologies, and about the factors affecting food
quality and shelf life.

Speakers will include processing experts from Agriculture and
Agri-Food Canada, the Technical University of Nova Scotia,
National Research Council, and private industry. Topics covered
will range from post-harvest handling, processing and packaging,
to storage, warehousing and distribution.

The workshop is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and
Marketing through the Agri-Focus 2000 Market Development and
Expansion Program, in cooperation with the Technical University
of Nova Scotia.


Contact: Laurie Sandeson  902-893-6387

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