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The first overpass on the Highway 104 Western Alignment to
permanently take traffic opened for business today.

The overpass, located at the intersection of the old and new
highways, in Colchester County, carries traffic on the existing
104 over the construction proceeding on the new highway

Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe was on hand to
officially open the overpass. "Each time I come up here, I'm more
amazed at the progress that's being made. It's because of the
public-private partnership," Mr. Downe said. "If the government
had been content to use traditional funding methods, this
overpass might not have been constructed for another two years,
and the highway itself would not have opened for perhaps another
10 years."

The construction of the Highway 104 Western Alignment is the
first major public-private partnership undertaken by the
government of Nova Scotia.

The existing 104 has one of the highest accident rates in the
province, largely because of a dangerous mix of high-speed
through traffic, including trucks, and slower moving local
traffic turning on and off the highway. The 45-km Western
Alignment will be twinned and will have a speed limit of 110
kilometres per hour, allowing through traffic to travel safer and
faster through the area. The existing 104 will also be safer for
local traffic and tourists.

Construction is now more than half finished, and the highway is
on schedule for opening in December, 1997. More than 400 workers
have been employed on the site since construction began April 1.

The Glenholme Overpass is one of the first of its kind in Nova
Scotia. Termed an "integral abutment design", the overpass is
constructed without expansion joints in its deck, reducing the
maintenance costs normally associated with repairing such joints
over time. The overpass is the first completed portion of the
Glenholme Interchange which will move traffic on and off the
Western Alignment. The interchange ramps will open when the
highway is finished.

The Highway 104 Western Alignment is valued at approximately $113
million. The minister said if traditional funding methods had
been used, the highway could have cost as much as $20 million


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