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A fascinating exhibit to delight the whole family is "Interplay"
running at the Mary E. Black Gallery until Jan. 4. Interplay is
about toyboxes.

Subtitled "Toybox as Product Design" the exhibit displays
prototypes of design ideas for toyboxes with such intriguing
titles as "Knick Knack Knooky" (Jay Carruth), "Bubbles Box" (Pam
Pike) or "Yours and Mine" (Jeff Cowling). The curator, Emanuel
Jannasch, encourages visitors to interact with the displays
opening doors and discovering the toys on display inside built by
Nova Scotia toymakers.

Mary E. Black Gallery is located in the Nova Scotia Centre for
Craft and Design, 1683 Barrington Street, Halifax. The gallery
hours are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.
- 4 p.m.

David Chaplin-Saunders "Castle Keep" occupying the centre of the
gallery, entices visitors to discover secret doors and traps
where toys can be stashed. Small folks can even crawl inside it.

Karne Brazill's "Stage 1" converts an ordinary steel shelving
unit into a cupboard/puppet theatre by a clever use of canvas
panels. The doll house mounted on the wall turns out to be a
shelving unit when opened up ("Doll House Cupboard" by Warren
Paton). "Box Toy" (Chris Joyce) can house toys in its four
colourful compartments, but can also act as a train that can be
wheeled around the room on casters.

Guided tours with the curator can be arranged for groups of
children or adults by making an appointment through the Centre
for Craft and Design. Admission is free.


Contact: Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design  902-424-4062

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