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Community Services Minister John MacEachern today released
interim standards for the operation of community based homes in
Nova Scotia. Community based options include accommodation for
people who are mentally challenged or mentally disabled who are
able to live in the community with some support or supervision. 
They range from family homes to fully staffed small facilities
that are able to provide a high degree of care.

The standards address both the physical accommodation and the
practices within the homes, including such things as assessment
for placement, individual programs, and nutrition. The standards
were developed by the Department of Community Services following
consultation with a broad range of service providers, interest
groups, families, and residents of small options.

A report on the stakeholder input was released in March, and the
department has developed standards that reflect the insights and
priorities identified by the community, as well as the best of
the existing standards in the system, and basic standards from
the Homes for Special Care Act.

Mr. MacEachern said that the standards will continue to be
reviewed, and further consultation carried out, as the province
moves toward regulation governing these facilities. This will
include the broad spectrum of needs, including those services
that now fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of

The development of community based options is a response to the
need of individuals to have an opportunity to live in a home,
with the normal flow and rhythm of community that other citizens

Mr. MacEachern said, "Obviously, independence is not an absolute,
and the small options network must reflect the broad range of
needs for care and supervision. Our challenge as we develop these
standards is to ensure the greatest degree of autonomy and
independence, with the greatest measure of support and
protection. That is a matter of balance, not of simple formulas.
The standards that I am tabling today will evolve as we continue
to monitor and develop the system to meet the needs of

Currently, there are approximately 700 people living in 400
community based option settings in the province.


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