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The future looks bright for improved health and safety in Nova
Scotia's workplaces with two innovative courses at Saint Mary's
University and the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Each
university will offer a course in occupational health and safety
as part of their business and engineering degree programs.

"Partnerships like this are the best way to improve health and
safety and reduce accidents," said Labour Minister Manning
MacDonald. "Early awareness and education will mean safer
workplaces for the future. The end result is good for workers,
families, business and the economy of Nova Scotia."

Both schools will be awarded financial support totalling $7,800
from Project Minerva, a program initiated in Nova Scotia by the
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, Nova Scotia Chapter
(CSSE). Funding was provided by MT&T, Nova Scotia Power
Incorporated, the Department of Labour, the Nova Scotia
Construction Safety Association, the Workers' Compensation Board,
and the Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada.

Project Minerva is an educational initiative designed to help
business and engineering schools produce graduates with a
practical understanding of the day-to-day health and safety
issues affecting workplaces. Health and safety should be an
integral part of the daily administration of businesses. The new
Occupational Health and Safety Act and a new Workers'
Compensation Act clearly link health and safety with the costs of
doing business.

Paul Dixon, acting dean of commerce at Saint Mary's, said, "In
the short-term, the course is designed to educate future managers
about health and safety issues with a view to improving working
conditions for employees. The long-term goal is to reduce the
human and financial toll of workplace accidents."

The commitment by TUNS, said Prof. Paul Amyotte, head of chemical
engineering, is to "ensure that its graduates, at all levels,
develop an appreciation of the key role management must play in
ensuring the health and safety of workers and the general

The courses will cover issues relating to safety management
including loss control, policy development, measurements,
standards, investigations, emergencies, workers' compensation and
many other issues relating to occupational health and safety.
Saint Mary's will offer an occupational health and safety course
called "MGT490" beginning in January 1997. TUNS will offer two
courses in January 1997: a graduate course called "ChE6701" and a
continuing education course called "Workplace Health and Safety".

Education, training and prevention get another boost in the new
Occupational Health and Safety Act. By Jan. 1, 1999, the
principles of workplace health and safety must be taught in trade
schools, community colleges and any other institutions designated
by the minister.


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