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A feasibility study to determine the possibility of manufacturing
intravenous and sterile solutions in Nova Scotia for hospital
use, will be conducted by Quivsol International Incorporated in
cooperation with the Department of Health, Queen Elizabeth II
Health Sciences Centre and the Economic Renewal Agency.

Health Minister Bernie Boudreau announced the feasibility study
today at the Nova Scotia Association of Health Organizations
annual conference. The study will determine the financial payback
and amount of import substitution attainable by constructing a
mini-plant in the province to manufacture a variety of sterile

"It's estimated that we spend between $8 million an $12 million a
year on sterile solutions and injectables for our hospital
system," said Mr. Boudreau. "We believe we could save millions of
dollars, create jobs and cut health care costs if it is deemed
feasible to build a mini-plant here in Nova Scotia."

Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann said: "The province is
leading a team of public and private sector partners aggressively
pursuing opportunities in the pharmaceutical and health care
sector ... we have the right investment climate and skilled
workforce to compete for projects like the one Quivsol is

The feasibility study will include a cost analysis for the
design, installation and certification of a mini-plant which can
often be integrated within the existing premises of a hospital.

The Quivsol mini-plant process manufactures sterile solutions by
mixing the raw materials with sterile water and sending the
resulting solution in mixing vessels to filling machines in the
custom manufacturing area. The solutions are then put in
containers which include bags, bottles, vials and ampoules. The
entire manufacturing process is guided by a strict quality
assurance program.

Halifax ranked first in a KPMG cost comparison study of the best
place for pharmaceutical business among selected North American
cities. Nova Scotia currently purchases most of its sterile
solutions from Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

The feasibility study will cost $34,300 and is due to be complete
by the end of January 1997. Quivsol is a Canadian company based
in London, Ont.


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