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Nova Scotia Christmas trees are lighting up business
opportunities for the province in two major U.S. cities.

Premier John Savage and Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann
will attend a tree-lighting ceremony in Boston Dec. 7. Mr. Mann
will then go on to a tree lighting in Washington on the next leg
of a one week business tour. The tour winds up in New York on
Dec. 12.

The 25th annual Boston tree lighting ceremony at the Prudential
Centre, provides the premier and Mr. Mann with a chance to pursue
business opportunities and to solidify Nova Scotia's trading
relationships with the New England region.

"The ceremony brings Nova Scotia to mind for more than 30,000
Bostonians each year, and attracts a lot of publicity," said
Premier Savage. "It's an ideal chance for us to talk business
with our traditional trading partners."

Mr. Mann will travel to Washington with representatives of seven
Nova Scotia software companies, who are following up leads
developed during Softworld  96 in Halifax.

"Software development is one of Nova Scotia's strategic strengths
and this event gives Nova Scotia companies a chance to further
develop their export business," Mr. Mann said.

Alumni from Saint Mary's, St. Francis Xavier, Acadia and
Dalhousie Universities will also be congregating in Boston, where
they will market university programs, and take advantage of
networking opportunities. Saint Mary's University will host a
similar function with alumni in Washington.

The Nova Scotia delegation will meet with the National Aeronautic
and Space Administration (NASA) at the Goddard Space Flight
Centre while in Washington, before the tree lighting at the
Canadian Embassy. Sail Nova Scotia will be using the Washington
trip to promote the Halifax leg of Tall Ships 2000 to military
attaches. Nova Scotia Christmas tree growers will also be there,
using the Washington profile to boost marketing efforts.

On Dec. 12, Mr. Mann will join representatives from the Port of
Halifax and Canadian National in New York. They will meet with
representatives from the port community, shippers and CN to
discuss recent developments and future prospects for the port of

This year's Boston tree was harvested from the yard of Mrs. Inez
Coolen, of Hubbards, who will be at the ceremony with family from
both Nova Scotia and the Boston area. The tree is a gesture of
thanks from the people of Nova Scotia to Bostonians who assisted
following the 1917 Halifax Explosion. The Washington tree came
from Jack Wentzell's tree farm in Barrs Corner, Lunenburg County.
It is the second year Nova Scotia has given a tree to Washington,
increasing the province's profile in a strategic market.


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