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Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison officially opened
Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy at a ceremony in Liverpool today.

Mr. Harrison was joined by local officials, students, staff and
school board members to celebrate the opening of one of the most
technologically advanced schools in the province.

"This new school sparkles with technology and innovation," said
Mr. Harrison, "but what makes this school special goes well
beyond the building. It is the staff, students, parents and
community which makes this school a leader in our education

Every classroom will be equipped with a minimum of three
computers, and the technology to allow teachers to remotely
access school resources at the touch of a button. Incorporated
into the bright, spacious design are music and art rooms, as well
as a gymnasium and library. The school will also contain a
resource room and a remedial reading room for children requiring
extra attention.

Elliot Payzant, chair of the Southwest Regional School Board,
said: "We are providing the staff and students with facilities
which are second to none. I feel confident the students are
receiving a window to the world and that learning will not be
limited to the four walls of the classroom."

Mr. Harrison said Dr. Wickwire would be proud to attach his name
to the new school. "Dr. Wickwire's work as a family doctor and
cardiologist, and his service as an MLA, on the town council and
school board demonstrated his commitment to Liverpool and to
education. Very few people worked harder or more diligently for
what they believed in than Dr. Wickwire."

Dr. Wickwire was a longtime resident of Liverpool, setting up
practice in 1929. Over the next 50 years, he served in a variety
of professional and civic posts including MLA, town council and
the school board; was president of the Public Health Association
of Nova Scotia and the Medical Society of Nova Scotia. Dr.
Wickwire's achievements include the Queen Elizabeth 25th
Anniversary Medal, recognition by Queens County for 50 years of
hard work and outstanding service, the Nova Scotia Community
Service Award, and a Doctor of Laws Degree from Dalhousie

Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy serves 530 students from grades two
to six.


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